As a dedicated team within Ford, FordLabs partners with Ford businesses to solve significant problems by developing digital products and services in a lean, human-centered fashion.

Our Approach

Balanced. Lean.Human-Centered.

FordLabs is passionate about putting customers first. Through small balanced teams practicing extreme programming, lean methodologies, and human-centered design, we move fast, experiment, and iterate until we create the right customer experience.

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Extreme Programming

Paired programming, test-driven development, and continuous integration and deployment enables us to build software with consistent speed and quality.

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Lean Startup

Lean hypothesis-testing and data-driven decisions reduce the risk of building wrong solutions while still supporting directional change as needed.

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Human-Centered Design

The customer is always at the center of what we do. With this principle, we design desirable and usable products that solves real problems for real users.

I think the most valuable piece of FordLabs is how efficiently and customer-focused you can solve a problem or come up with potential solutions.

Mark Schaller
Ford Customer Experience Manager

Our Work

A Place for NewIdeas to Grow.

FordLabs is a place where new ideas can be proven or thrown out in a very short time frame. Through customer-driven research, we cultivate and bring only the most valuable solutions to light.

We shape product outcomes through exploration, innovation, and validation in order to achieve our company’s goals and priorities.

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Kilowatt Academy

The Kilowatt Academy team used three different experiments to explore how drivers are researching and learning about electric vehicles.

Our research helped us understand the potential drivers, their anxieties about electric vehicles, and what information they need to finally make a purchase.

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Enhancing Self-Help Support

A Ford customer experience goal is to increase the sense of ownership for vehicle owners. Our task was to improve our customers’ ability to self-serve online support.

We gathered 20,000 customers’ feedback in twelve weeks, prioritized ideas, and worked through four weeks of build-measure-learn cycles with daily production pushes. Our efforts increased NPS scores by 70 points and task success rate by 30%!

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TruckHub Increasing Performance Parts Sales

TruckHub is a grassroots platform bringing truck owners into a community-powered space integrated with social media marketing to grow an organic community as a means to propel Ford into the e-commerce space.

This generated 25x more customer interactions, decreased shopper drop-off rate by 78%, and created two new sustainable revenue streams for Ford – direct sales and affiliate sales.

Read the TruckHub Case Study ➜

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Our Culture

Think Hard.Recharge Hard.

FordLabs is a place designed for exploration, experimentation, and trust. Our practices and principles are how we go about our day, but the core to our success lies in a culture of collaboration.

We thrive in an environment where we can fail fast and learn from each other. We trust the team to support diverse opinions and encourage our entrepreneurial spirit.

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